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2nd Annual
Dalhousie University
Environmental Research Symposium
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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005 2:00-7:00pm

Link, Sir Charles Tupper Building 5859 University Avenue

The Environmental Research Symposium is dedicated to bring together undergraduate, graduate and faculty from across campus in order to share existing research relating to the environment, as well as to facilitate new collaborations for further research initiatives.

The symposium gives researchers a chance to present recent research relating to the environment, and gives students, faculty and the general public the opportunity to learn about existing research and get involved in future projects. The symposium strives to bring together students and faculty from across campus in order to bridge the gap between the many disciplines that relate to studies of the environment.

This process began with the meeting of DEEP-R (Dalhousie Environmental Educators, Practitioners and Researchers) in April 2004, and we hope to continue with similar events at Dalhousie in the future.

All members of Dalhousie and the general public are invited to attend the event. We are calling for poster submissions from undergraduate, graduate and faculty across campus. The poster session part of the event will give researchers at Dalhousie the opportunity share research efforts with fellow faculty, students and the general public. Participants are encouraged to reuse existing research posters. Please see Poster Guidelines for more information. All titles must be submitted to envs@dal.ca by Nov. 4th, 2005.

Currently, members from the following departments are participating:

Faculty of Science:

  • Environmental Science
  • Biology
  • Neuroscience
  • Marine Biology
  • Physics and Atmospheric Science
  • Earth Science
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Oceanography
  • Psychology

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Arts and Social Science

  • Sociology
  • Philosophy

Faculty of Management

  • Library and Information Studies
  • School for Environmental and Resource Studies

Dalhousie Medical School

  • Pharmacology
  • Microbiology

Dalhousie Law School

Members from the broader community have also agreed to participate:

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Saint Mary's University

Bedford Institute of Oceanography

World Wildlife Fund

University College of Cape Breton

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Environment Canada

The poster session will be followed by guest lecturer, Heather MacLeod, speaking on collaboration between environmental scientists and artists. The symposium will close with a catered social, providing good food and the opportunity to continue viewing posters.

The symposium is brought to you by the Senate Committee on the Environment

Also sponsored by:
Dalhousie Faculty of Science
Dalhousie Vice President Research Office
Dalhousie Faculty of Engineering
Dalhousie School for Resource and Environmental Science
Environmental Programmes

Organizing Committee: Dr. Shannon Bard (Dalhousie Environmental Programmes), Dr. Ray Ct (School for Resource and Environmental Studies), Dr. Graham Gagnon (Center for Water Resource, Civil Engineering)