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From left to right:
Back row: Erica Ring, Sam Truesdell, Alexi Baccardax, James Drooker, Dr. Simon Gadbois (Dept. Psychology/Neuroscience), Dr. Shannon Bard
Front Row: Camille Coray, Kim Borque, Colleen Mercer Clarke, Beth Cambell, Christine Paetzold


Camille Coray
MSc graduate 2007

S. Christine Paetzold
MSc 2008

James Drooker
Undergraduate Researcher


Paola Santarelli
Graduate student from Italy

Alexi Baccardax
Alexi D. Baccardax
Undergraduate Researcher

Project: CSI Howe Sound, British Columbia

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Bethany Campbell
Undergraduate Researcher

Project: Determine what quantities of the anti-parasite pesticides ivermectin, and emamecin benzoate, accumulate in the major organs of the estuarine fish, Fundulus heteroclitus, when the fish are exposed to one of the pesticides and a transport-protein inhibitor (Cyclosporin A).

Erica Ring

Erica Ring
Undergraduate Researcher

Sam Truesdell
Undergraduate Researcher

Project: Using intertidal species richness to assess changes in toxicity
from 1974 to 2005 in Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Rajitha (Ebony) Wickramanayake
Undergraduate Researcher

Project: CSI Prince Rupert and Powell River, British Columbia

Keren Menashe
Keren Menashe
Undergraduate Researcher

Project: Use of a behavioural assay to determine the effects of SLICE(TM) and its accumulation in the brain and body of Fundulus heteroclitus in the presence of P-glycoprotein inhibitors.

Sophia R. Bloch
Exchange student from Italy

Project: Environmental Effects Monitoring in British Columbia

Sara Zaratti
Exchange Student from Italy

Project Environmental Effects Monitoring in British Columbia

Fien de Raedemaecker
Masters student from Belgium

Thesis: A GIS-approach to compare intertidal diversity and contaminant loading in the marine receiving environment of two pulp mills in British Columbia, Canada. Open pdf.

Wouter Willems
Masters student from Belgium

Thesis: A GIS-approach to assess the impact of two pulp mills (in Woodfibre and Port Mellon) on intertidal biodiversity in the Howe Sound region (British Columbia, Canada). Open pdf.

Sara Zucchi
Graduate student from Italy

Kaarin Tae
Administrator of Environmental Program


Sheila Bard
CSI Volunteer Coordinator