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Coastal Scene Investigation

Pacific Coast
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Environmental Research Symposium


Clam Purple sea stars Pisaster ochraceus Sea Hair Enteromorpha sp. Sea Lemon Archidoris montereyensis


Shannon Bard with a gridded quadrat and pulp mill in background

Howe Sound:

Powell River:

Prince Rupert:

  • Ridley-Mill (1km)
  • Ridley-Lighthouse (2 km)
  • Wolf Creek (3.6 km)
  • Wainwright Basin (4 km)
  • Inverness (4.8 km)
  • Ridley-Trail (5 km)
  • Ridley-Grain (6.8 km)
  • Butze Rapids (11 km)
  • Fairview (13 km)

*Distances in kilometers are the distances between each site and the pulp mill closest to it.

Sheila Bard

Sheila Bard
CSI Volunteer Coordinater

Clam Purple sea stars Pisaster ochraceus Sea Hair Enteromorpha sp. Sea Lemon Archidoris montereyensis
All images 2004 Shannon Bard. Use of images is prohibited without permission.

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